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Family photography trends that are bleh to yikes.

Ok, ok, so I’m all about fun and whimsy, but seriously. Some current family photo trends are getting way out of hand.

From cheesy outfits to awkward posing and even worse editing, I’m here to help you figure out what NOT to wear, do or agree to on your next photoshoot.

Family pics often grace the walls of your home (or the walls of your parents and grandparents) for years. You know what I’m talking about…you don’t want to take the new boyfriend or girlfriend to meet family because THEN

THEY’LL SEE THOSE SHOTS that make you cringe…

Remember, trends go out of style real quick and fast…so read on to learn how to get those timeless, classy photos you will love forever.

A jeans disaster

Wear loose fitting, textured clothes.

Remember the 80’s denim-on-denim look? Uh huh…yeah, me too. Now trust me. The white T-shirt/blouse with jeans—particularly if your whole party is wearing it all matchy-matchy—will do the same in a decade, trust me.

Layers always look better and lend depth to photos. Loose rather than form-fitting is better too…add a little mystery. ‘Layers and Loose’ also helps to hide any extra snacks you may or may not have had last night. Those tight clothes never helped anyone.

Fashion mags always feature loose-fitting textured layers of clothing; it just plain looks better. Bring out those patterns! Just be careful to not over-do. Clashing patterns gone mad with abandon will have everyone howling…and it might not take a decade!

Jump for joy! How about no.

Love the candid look? Me too! Candid photos often work great to help capture ‘keepers’ of those camera-shy family members. The challenge: keep everyone looking natural, displaying their unique personalities. Yeah…for sure…the one thing about candid shots is, well, they have to be candid. That doesn't work if you set the shot up, and tell everyone what to do where and when. People can figure out that your family is not the type to frolic through the fields. Awkward field walkers are awkward field walkers…it comes through in the body language. Jumping photos also scream we ‘ran out of pose ideas’ and ‘the kids weren't behaving’. No family and I repeat NO family randomly jump together for joy.

I admit, it is not easy getting those truly candid shots, but be patient…they do happen. And the reward is huge.

Photoshop is not always the answer.

Photoshop is an amazing tool that can solve many problems, but it’s a Catch-22 because it can also cause them. A huge trend right now is the fall amber look. It looks amazing when done well, but done wrong and you become the pumpkin family.

Unfortunately, the photographer’s editing style is not something you can really control. The photographer is calling the shots (how punny), so your best option is to make sure you know who you're hiring (take a look at their work on their website and Instagram), and tell the photographer what style is your preference.

Final though. I would stay suggest staying away from the color trends—or if you really want some, stick to SOME—because they will die out and you’ll be left with old news. It truly is best to stay with what looks natural.

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